Do 2 Positives Make A Positive?

Is a double negative a positive?

Double negatives are two negative words used in the same sentence.

Using two negatives usually turns the thought or sentence into a positive one.

Double negatives are generally discouraged in English because they are considered to be poor grammar and they can be confusing..

Why does a negative and a positive equal a negative?

Each number has an “additive inverse” associated to it (a sort of “opposite” number), which when added to the original number gives zero. … The fact that the product of two negatives is a positive is therefore related to the fact that the inverse of the inverse of a positive number is that positive number back again.

Does a positive and a positive make a positive?

If two positive numbers are multiplied together or divided, the answer is positive. If two negative numbers are multiplied together or divided, the answer is positive. If a positive and a negative number are multiplied or divided, the answer is negative.

Why does two negatives make a positive?

When you multiply a negative by a negative you get a positive, because the two negative signs are cancelled out.

What do 2 positives make?

When We Multiply:Example×two positives make a positive:3 × 2 = 6×two negatives make a positive:(−3) × (−2) = 6×a negative and a positive make a negative:(−3) × 2 = −6×a positive and a negative make a negative:3 × (−2) = −63 more rows

Can you flip a negative fraction to positive?

If a fraction has a negative number as its denominator, it’s easy to convert it into a positive.

What are positive and negative numbers?

About Positive and Negative Numbers Positive numbers are any numbers greater than zero, for example: 1, 2.9, 3.14159, 40000, and 0.0005. … Negative numbers are less than zero (see the number line for a more complete explanation of this). Similarly, the opposite of any negative number is a positive number.

What is a positive minus a positive?

Rule 1: Subtracting a positive number from a positive number – it’s just normal subtraction. For example: this is what you have learned before. 6 – 3 are two positive numbers. So solve this equation the way you always have: 6 – 3 = 3.

Is a positive times a negative a positive?

Rule 1: A positive number times a positive number gives you a positive number. … Rule 2: A positive number times a negative number gives you a negative number. Example 2: This is new – for example, you might have 4 x -3. The 4 is positive, but the 3 is negative, so our answer has to be negative.

Does a negative fraction become positive?

Usually, the negative sign is placed in front of the fraction, but you will sometimes see a fraction with a negative numerator or denominator. … If both the numerator and denominator are negative, then the fraction itself is positive because we are dividing a negative by a negative.

What are the rules for positive and negative numbers?

The Rules:RuleExample+(+)Two like signs become a positive sign3+(+2) = 3 + 2 = 5−(−)6−(−3) = 6 + 3 = 9+(−)Two unlike signs become a negative sign7+(−2) = 7 − 2 = 5−(+)8−(+2) = 8 − 2 = 62 more rows

Can fractions be negative?

Also,going by definition fraction is a rational number and it can be both positive and negative. You can extend your “naive” or “intuitive” notion of a fraction to include fractions that are zero or negative as well. … So, yes, fractions can be negative.

Is a negative divided by a negative a positive?

Like a negative divided by a negative will always be positive.

What is a minus times a positive?

The rule for multiplying and dividing is very similar to the rule for adding and subtracting. When the signs are different the answer is negative. When the signs are the same the answer is positive.

What is a positive times a positive?

Rule 1: A positive number times a positive number equals a positive number. This is the multiplication you have been doing all along, positive numbers times positive numbers equal positive numbers. For example, 5 x 3 = 15. 5 is a positive number, 3 is a positive number and multiplying equals a positive number: 15.

Does 2 negatives in a fraction make a positive?

When there are 2 negatives, it equals to a positive. When someone says “Jump”, it’s a positive. When someone says “Don’t eat”, it is negative.

Do 2 negatives make a positive when multiplying?

There are two simple rules to remember: When you multiply a negative number by a positive number then the product is always negative. When you multiply two negative numbers or two positive numbers then the product is always positive. … Now we have two negative numbers, so the result is positive.

What happens when you subtract a positive number from a negative number?

Subtracting a number is the same as adding its opposite. So, subtracting a positive number is like adding a negative; you move to the left on the number line. Subtracting a negative number is like adding a positive; you move to the right on the number line.