Question: Can Veigar Play Top?

What lane should Veigar play?

What Lane Is Veigar.

The ability kit of this pick allows it to be played in the Mid Lane position effectively..

Is Veigar good?

Veigar is still pretty good. I would compare veigar to a bit more drastic version of an azir. Better “early” game than azir, but slightly more weak “late” game than azir. Edit: Would say he struggles the most with bully AD mids, such as pantheon, or a good zed/talon.

How do you play Veigar support?

Just go with the supporth ap item and try to finish it first. Then continue with Ryla or Rod of Age’s after these two, build like you are at mid lane. If your ADC sucks; Start with Rod of ages to close the ap gap between you and APC. Then play like a decent Veigar.

Is Veigar easy?

Veigar can be difficult to learn due to his high skill cap. He has to manage his Q’s ability to give him AP for last hitting with it and utilizing it for poke. His E (stun) and his W (dark matter) can be hard to get used to.