Question: What Is Another Way To Say Well Thought Out?

What is a course of action example?

Someone’s course of action is what that person is going to do.

For example, say you’re listening to your friend’s vacation plans.

Your friend’s course of action might be: Take a flight to Paris..

What’s another word for premeditated?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for premeditated, like: contrived, casual, purpose, conscious, deliberate, intentional, planned, accidental, spontaneous, unintentional and calculated.

Is a well thought out course of action?

Similarly, a wise and well-thought-through decision or action can be called prudent.

Is Formal many?

They can be placed before singular or plural countable and uncountable nouns. Although lots and plenty are acceptable in academic writing, their usage is considered to be informal. In formal academic writing, it is more appropriate to use many, much, and more.

What kind of word is throughout?

Throughout can be used in the following ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun): He remained in Paris throughout the war. as an adverb (without a following noun): It was a wonderful game and Johnson played brilliantly throughout.

What is the difference between through and throughout?

An easy way to think of the difference between “through” and “throughout” is this: “Through” generally suggests motion; “throughout” generally describes a place or location. Now, let’s think about how these words relate to time. … “Throughout” means during an entire situation or period of time.

What’s another word for petty?

SYNONYMS FOR petty 1 nugatory, negligible, inconsiderable, slight. 3 small. 4 stingy, miserly.

What is another word for thought out?

What is another word for thought-out?calculatedconsideredreasonedadvisedthoughtfulweighedpremeditatedplannedaforethoughtintentional107 more rows

What is another way to say most?


What does throughout mean?

Definition of throughout (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : in or to every part : everywhere of one color throughout. 2 : during the whole time or action : from beginning to end remained loyal throughout.

What is a well thought out collection of files?

Database (Software) well thought-out collection of computer files called tables that consist of records (rows) of data separated by fields (columns) that can be queried (questioned) to produce subsets of information.

Is it well written or well written?

When used as an adjective before a noun, use “well-written,” as in, “That is a well-written book.” When used as a predicate adjective, there’s no hyphen, as in, “That book is “well written.”

How do you use well thought out?

It depends on how you use it… if it’s preceding the word it modifies, then it should be hyphenated: He paused for a bit, and then gave a well-thought-out answer. However, if it follows the word it modifies, no hyphenation is necessary: He paused for a bit, wanting to make sure his answer was well thought out.

What can I say instead of many?


What would be the best course of action?

the procedures or sequence of actions that someone will follow to accomplish a goal. I plan to follow a course of action that will produce the best results. The board planned a course of action that would reduce costs and eliminate employees.

What does well planned mean?

adjective (well planned when postpositive) (of an event, project, etc) suitably devised or drafted in advance to ensure success.

What’s the opposite of premeditated?

premeditated. Antonyms: extemporaneous, extemporary, extempore, impromptu, improvised, offhand, unpremeditated.

How do you use course of action in a sentence?

: the actions to be taken We’re trying to determine the best course of action at this point.

What is the opposite of futile?

futile. Antonyms: powerful, effective, cogent, useful, solid, substantial. Synonyms: weak, ineffective, useless, nugatory, unavailing, vain, trifling.

What is the meaning of well thought out?

: carefully considered and formed a well-thought-out plan.

What is the opposite of well thought out?

What is the opposite of well thought-out?rashabruptrushedstupidunadvisedunplannedunstudiedwildabsent-mindedill-advised20 more rows

What is another word for detailed?

What is another word for detailed?fullthoroughcompletecomprehensiveexhaustiveminutespecificelaborateexactmeticulous226 more rows

Is mostest a real word?

Mostest is not an accepted word, though it is in some dictionaries listed as slang. Most is already in superlative form, so adding -est is redundant and ungrammatical.

What is the difference between during and throughout?

Throughout is continuous. During is not. He goes to school throughout the year = continuously in spring, summer, fall and winter. He went to school during the year.