Quick Answer: How Do You Write An Amazing Feature Article?

What is feature writing example?

These stories often build on news that was reported in a previous news cycle.

Examples of feature stories include news features, profiles, spot features, trend stories, and live-ins.

Feature stories can be found in the main news section of a newspaper, especially if they profile a person or group currently in the news..

What are the best topics for feature writing?

Possible topics for a feature article include alternative energy, technology, relationships, body image, and stress. For this assignment, it will be helpful to consider your audience, your target age demographic, and the issues that are relevant to them.

What is the format of a feature article?

Steps to Writing Feature Articles. Like most articles, a feature story follows a specific format and outline. There will always be a title/headline, deck, introduction, body, and conclusion. A good feature article contextualizes the story so it’s relatable and immediately relevant to the reader.

What is the structure of a feature article?

Like other articles, the feature has a basic structure. The shape depends on the style of your magazine varies but most feature articles have three acts, just like a story or an essay. It has a headline, an introduction; forming as one, then a main body and a conclusion.

How do you start a feature article?

Your feature, whatever its length, will have a basic structure of:Introduction. Set the scene. Bring it to life. … Body text. Having got your readers hooked at the start, keep them reading. … Conclusion. Create a satisfactory ending so that the reader understands that the story has reached a conclusion.