Why Is C Platform Dependent?

Is Python platform dependent?

In general Python is platform independent, but still needs some care to make sure you don’t step on some aspects of Operating System or the file system that works differently on other OS-es.

Filenames are case sensitive on some OS-es (e.g.


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Why Java is platform independent and C is platform dependent?

Java is platform independent because it is different from other languages like C, C++, etc. … Java code is compiled by the compiler and converted into bytecode. This bytecode is a platform-independent code because it can be run on multiple platforms, i.e., Write Once and Run Anywhere(WORA).

Why is Java platform dependent?

Java is platform independent means the code you have developed using Java can be run on any machine. … Now you said that it is not in practice so the reason is only Java language is platform independent, but its runtime enviroment, or JVM, is platform dependent, it is written separately for each OS.

Is object code platform dependent?

No. They are not platform independent. Take for instance, the GNU C Compiler (gcc), that generates ELF binary files. Windows compilers (Borland, Microsoft, Open Watcom) can produce Windows Binary PE (Portable Executable) format.

What is platform dependent in C?

In case of C or C++ (language that are not platform independent), the compiler generates an .exe file which is OS dependent. When we try to run this .exe file on another OS it does not run, since it is OS dependent and hence is not compatible with the other OS. Java is platform-independent but JVM is platform dependent.

Is C machine dependent language?

A machine-dependent language works only on a specific computer system and its components. … C language is a machine independent language because no matter which machine one writes in, it can be run on any other machine.

What is the difference between JDK and JRE?

JDK is a software development kit whereas JRE is a software bundle that allows Java program to run, whereas JVM is an environment for executing bytecode. … JDK is platform dependent, JRE is also platform dependent, but JVM is platform independent. JDK contains tools for developing, debugging, etc.

Is C++ platform independent?

C++ is not platform dependent per se, but it is possible to write platform dependent code with C++ by calling Windows and/or Linux only APIs. It is also possible to be locked to a particular platform if you use Microsoft-only C++ extensions etc. The executable format for a given platform is a whole different league.

What is platform dependent?

Platform dependent typically refers to applications that run under only one operating system in one series of computers (one operating environment); for example, Windows running on x86 hardware or Solaris running on SPARC hardware. … Applications written in Java are a prime example.

What is difference between C and Java?

C is a Procedural Programming Language whereas Java is an Object-Oriented language. C is middle level language while Java is high level language. C does not support threading on the other hand Java has a feature of threading.

Why pointers are not used in Java?

Some reasons for Java does not support Pointers: Java has a robust security model and disallows pointer arithmetic for the same reason. … No pointer support make Java more secure because they point to memory location or used for memory management that loses the security as we use them directly.

Why Java is not fully platform independent?

Because Java compiles to bytecode that’s executed by its virtual machine, it can generally be expected to behave the same way regardless of the system sitting under the virtual machine. Differences in behavior can vary from JVM to JVM.